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Terrance Selb

Terrance Selb is the driving force behind American Tax Solutions and lives in West Hollywood - just some miles from his company's headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles. A native of Minnesota famed for its harsh winters, Terrance has lived in both the Golden State of California and Palm Springs before settling into West Hollywood. The Los Angeles LGBT Center is a pioneering organization providing a wealth of LGBT-focused services, led by over 800 staff across California and beyond. Their advocacy, culture, education, health, housing, leadership and social services are unequalled in scope and reach.
The City of West Hollywood is renowned for its vibrant arts and culture scene and an ever-buzzing nightlife ambience along its iconic palm tree-adorned Sunset Strip with charming hideaways such as Chateau Marmont and Whiskey A Go-Go. It also prides itself on its excellent selection of restaurants from all around Southern California. Terrance enjoys music, movies and theatre while being fond of spending quality time outdoors with his family and friends. One of his favourite spots is Runyon Canyon Park, located in the star-studded Hollywood Hills, managed by the Department of Recreation and Parks for Los Angeles, with winding hiking trails and spectacular views across the cityscape.